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The common thread that links Reggio and Messina can be intended for the two cities to grow stronger and tie, with the alliance of Villa San Giovanni, moving towards advanced urban quality and performance. Time seems ripe to fulfill set evoked forty-five years ago with Project 80 for a new type of urban civilization towards a metropolitan scale, because only high urban ranks could be considered able to provide goods and services that belong to a civilized society. The irresistible charm the City on the Strait has, is probably, due to an extraordinary liquid significance to be considered as a primary infrastructure. The City of the Strait is not to be seen as a city that gets bigger, or two or three cities that become one; it is a city with solid and liquid ways, with significant urban parts that also interact visually, that wisely integrate and re-know in a richer and more complex territorial identity. The growing presence of the territorial risk dimension has to push for the need to innovate the forms and practices of urban
planning, basing the plans and the projects for the city on risk prevention, building to offer itself to the widest dimension of the Mediterranean basin as a privileged point of observation about seismic hazard assessment.



Urban civilization, metropolitan performances, territorial identity, urban planning, reduction of vulnerability

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