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The objective is to analyze the relationship between the Unit of Domestic Production (UDP) and the food sovereignty, to determine the conceptual parameters, their variables and indicators that will be used for the development of a theoretical model, to face the pro- blem and find solutions. The research appears as a study report for agriculture, forestry, fishing and harvest in the most rural muni- cipalities of Jalisco; and as a unit of analysis to UDP, understood as a unit of production, consumption, and reproduction. The criteria, the variables and the proposed indicators, were determined on the basis of the state’s analysis results of research and investigation in the field, in the municipalities with the highest rurality. Food sovereignty, with basis in food-sufficiency, is based on strengthening of the UDP within its local production system, for which it is proposed for its analysis to start, conceptually, by five criteria: the local pro- duction system, the endogeneity, the empowerment of direct producers, the Multiactivity and the food self-sufficiency. 

DOI: http://dx.medra.org/10.19254/LaborEst.12.04          


Food Sovereignty, Territory, Unit of Domestic Production, Endogenous Local Development, Local Production System

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