Journal History

The LaborEst scientific journal, published twice a year, was established in 2008 by Edoardo Mollica within the homonymous LaborEst research lab - Economic Evaluations and Real Estate Appraisals Lab. The scope of the journal is to strengthen the vital link between scientific research and territorial needs.

The estimation culture and the economic evaluation of programs, plans and projects are driving disciplines and core topics of the scientific journal.

The LaborEst scientific journal is a place of interdisciplinary discussion on issues affecting Metropolitan Cities, and a room for dialogue among different researchers at national and international levels, sharing experiences on issues concerning the Inner Areas of the less-developed regions, in a perspective of competitive territorial growth and broadly of local development.

In particular, the published contributions disclaim general issues relating to:

  1. Heritage and Identity
  2. Local Development: Urban Space, Rural Area, Inner Areas
  3. Urban Regeneration, PPP, Smart Cities
  4. Mobility, Accessibility, Infrastructure
  5. Environment, Energy, Landscape