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A socio-material approach to architecture, infrastructure and landscape implies reading them as texts in which stories of social relations, power relations, biological balances and imbalances, the shaping of spaces, territories, human and non-human life can be read. This approach requires an inter-transdiscisplinary perspective, one able to see how landscapes take shape through processes and activities that transform them. Conceiving the landscape at the same time as duration, temporality, history and geography means preventing it from becoming a depthless surface. Thus in the agricultural landscape, the materiality of the site comes into play: cultivations and cultures at a time, capable of telling stories and geographies. Combining settlements, workplaces, common spaces in a large infrastructure means working on the landscape as a process that involves living in a network of dynamic relationships between social, ecological and biological factors. Abandoning the point of view that traditionally sees infrastructures in the landscape, and starting to conceive the landscape itself as an infrastructure opens our eyes to the processes through which the land evolves into a changing ecological network.


Infrastructure, Landscape, Socio-Material Approach, Landscape as Infrastructure

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