Alessandra Oppio, Marta Dell’Ovo, Caterina Caprioli, Marta Bottero, Giulia Datola


The notions of Ecosystem Services (ES) and Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) reveal the strategic importance of natural capital in the requalification and transitioning of cities. More in detail, ES have been analyzed and categorized by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in 2005. On the other hand, the implementation of NBSs is suggested by the most important international frameworks. This interest becomes relevant to respond to the multifaceted pressures that cities and societies have to face, highlighting the crucial importance of public places. Therefore, green policies could provide a solution to the current concerns about both the built and natural environments. Using an ES approach and implementing NBS can provide different types of interventions in cities, ranging from extended green areas to green roofs, that should contribute to the improvements of residents quality of life and general wellness. The main task of this contribution is assessing green roofs from an ecosystem viewpoint, considering the evidence of their advantages for human welfare, their capacity to mitigate climate change, and their potential to protect biodiversity. For this purpose, an integrated evaluation model is suggested to enable decision makers (DMs) to design measures that might improve the quality of life in cities and to consider the many aspects of value in the study of ecosystem services (ES).


Nature-Based Solutions (NBS), Ecosystem Services, Integrated Evaluation Framework, Multicriteria Analysis (MCA).

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