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The contribution concerns the early medieval Sicilian fortifications built by the Byzantines to contrast the Islamic threat. After the conquest of the island by the Muslims, the sources testify to the rebellion of the Byzantine people between 962 and 965 A.D. and expressly mention the cities of Taormina, Mîqus, Rametta and Demenna as strongholds of the revolt. The geography of the rugged and mountainous territory of Valdemone, however, suggests the presence of other points of revenge and control of the coasts and the mouths of rivers, considered privileged axes for the penetration of the island. The location of the cities of Mîqus, like that of Demenna, was never unequivocally identified, however, the consideration of the relative immutability of the orography of the territory and its ancient road system allows us to carry out some significant reflections on the still uncertain location of some sites mentioned by the sources.


Sicilia, Valdemone, Mîqus, Fortifications, Roads

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