Fabio Naselli, Klaudia Tufina


Tirana-Next is pilot research that aims to provide an updated analysis-based diagnosis of the Capital and the greatest City of Albania: Tirana. How it was in the past, how it became nowadays, what are its actual conditions and what is going on through the in-force Master Plan “Tirana 030” (2018). Across diverse pilot investigations, within the Tirana neighbourhoods (super-blocks), researchers want to explore the embodied experience of inner spaces and the changing relations between them and the surrounding humanity and spatiality. The pilot cases have been studied and analysed by considering the physical space (hard-scape), the social life on the streets (soft-scape), the human interactions (human scape), the virtual spaces in addition to the conventional physical ones (digital-scape), and the processes framework (process-scape). By investigating and analysing the links between these elements it was expected that this research work might provide a set of practical recommendations and suggestions, pilot-based, for a more suitable systemic-punctual urban regeneration in the favour of Tirana neighbourhoods’ quality of life, even “beyond” the in-force city planning formal process.


Tirana-Next, Urban Identity, Informality’s Values, Historic Fabrics, Development Strategies, Urban Tactics.

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