Salvatore Giuffrida, Filippo Gagliano, Maria Rosa Trovato


The archaeological landscape of the Enna province consists of a huge heritage comprising some of the most relevant national sites, such as the Roman Villa del Casale and the City of Morgantina. Some other sites, such as the Necropolis of Realmese, but above all countless remains even from prehistoric ages, currently haven’t adequate exposure, as they are completely excluded from the information and itinerary networks. This contribution proposes a pattern aimed at identifying the archaeological district as a significant landscape unit, in which even modest sites can have an appropriate syntactic location. Basing on the data of the Territorial Landscape Plan of the Enna Province, and with the support of an integrated Fuzzy cluster analysis and WebGIS model, we propose a system for the identification of the cultural districts on the grounds of the axiological consistencies between each site and the components of the different declinations of landscape which may be attributed to the territory and may be assumed as the contents of the functions of the cultural and anthropological value of the syntactic units characterized by these values. The model allows the decision maker to generate in real time multiple different configurations of the archaeological districts, that means internally and externally coherent networks of sites and goods, thus increasing the awareness on the “resistance” of some configurations compared to the others.


Integrated Ecological Approach, Common Good, Planning and Urban Management

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